How To Become An Electrician: A Beginner’s Guide

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Individuals who want to learn how to become an electrician often wonder about the necessary training involved. Anyone with a passion for electrical work must develop a skill set that will give them the tools necessary to complete both common and complicated electrical jobs. The process of becoming an electrician if often lengthy along with any requirements that need to be met. Training programs are available that meet state-specific requirements and provide the necessary training that is used throughout an electrical career.

Electrical work involves various areas and there are many specialties that are available. People are able to become a licensed electrician who performs residential and commercial work. There is also a variety of people who may choose to become an electrical engineer. The choice is often based on the salary for a specific area. Review basic information to learn how to become an electrician.

Skills That Are Needed

Anyone who is interested in becoming an electrician will need to have confidence in their physical and mental abilities. The work being performed requires skills to complete electrical work that can often be complex. Various jobs often require an electrician to complete various tasks. Any task being performed by an electrician also need to meet local building codes. A career suitability test can be taken if there is any questions about becoming an electrician.

Electricians should posses these basic characteristics:

  • An interest in science, math, and physics
  • Aptitude and technical knowledge
  • Enjoys doing work with the hands
  • Can perform work in cramped spaces
  • Does not have a problem with physical labor
  • Has a high level of concentration

Steps to Follow

The first thing anyone should do when researching an electrical career is to review the job descriptions for electrician jobs. This will help to determine the training requirements that are necessary based on a particular state. Another option is a local chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association.

Many colleges have electrician degree programs that have basic educational requirements. There might be a need to determine if an apprenticeship is available in the field. Training hours are required when a person is ready to apply for an electrical license. The entire process takes up to four years to finish and 2,000 hours minimum on the job training

Other Tips

  • A master electrician designation will require taking advanced classes.
  • Changing trends in the industry means continuing education courses are often required.
  • Licensed electricians are likely to see increased job opportunities over the next decade.
  • Individuals with a strong skill set or specialized training will see the best opportunities.
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