Electrician Training Courses | What You Need To Know

How important is your Electrician Training? Should you take an electrical training course at a community collage or trade school, or should you depend on being trained once you get into an apprenticeship program? Can you get into an apprenticeship with out training? This all depends on where you are, and which electrician training career path as an electrician that you want to take.

In my state there is no state licensing, and in my county and city there are no licensing requirement below a master electrician, which is required to pull a permit or to be an electrical contractor. In some states you will have to complete an electrician training course to obtain an apprentice permit to become an apprentice.

Most electrical training courses consist of classes in Basic electricity, where you learn how electricity works, how you measure it, and how you use it in different circuits. Basic math, which leads into some algebra, geometry, and spatial recognition. Blue print reading, schematics reading, and electrical diagrams, Conduit bending and measurement. Electrical code requirements, including the NEC code requirements, and local and state requirements. Safety, we all want to be safe. Equipment operation, such as lifts.

There are plenty of places around the country where you can take these courses, and even online. As to whether you should enroll, again this all depends on what is required by your state or the apprenticeship program that you are applying for. Once you are an electrician, you will probably be taking Electrician Training courses at least every year or so on new equipment, or new code requirements, so education is an ongoing thing as an electrician.

There are many courses that you can take, whether you are just starting out or If you are a veteran who is just looking for additional training in one particular area.

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