Solar Electrician Training goes Green

green electrician training

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Electrician Training today is starting to fell the push to a more green industry. So what jobs can an electrician get in green energy areas? Well with new jobs opening up in the alternative energy fields some electricians are starting to be trained for work in the solar and wind power areas. With billions of dollars of state funds and federal stimulus money focused on renewable energy projects, there is a rush to train workers for these new fields.

Wind Power

As wind power continues to sweep through the country, local electricians are taking wind turbine electrician training to install and maintain these giant windmills. In Minnesota one local International Brother-hood of Electrical Workers union has created a wind power training center that simulates rescue and climbing scenarios in a 52-foot tower
One county in Minnesota already has 186 wind turbines, and through 2012, about 35,000 more are planned for construction across the Midwest.
Although the United States surpassed Germany last year as the world’s largest harvester of wind energy, wind turbines still account for less than 2 percent of the country’s electricity. The Obama administration aims to push that to 20 percent by 2030. The industry says it needs to triple the rate at which it’s been installing towers to meet the goals set by the Obama administration.
The largest wind turbines can churn out 3 megawatts of electricity. They consist of a small bus size enclosure about 275 feet above the ground which houses the machinery of the generator.

Solar Power

Some electricians are already making a living installing solar photovoltaic systems.
As of now however this field is still open as some areas are slow to regulate the work done, depending on the state.
As the cost of conventional power increases, and the cost of solar decreases, eventually those two costs will meet. When they do, there’s going to be a very large market here. Anyone who has solar electrician training will be capable when that time comes to go out and do the work. Now, most of the available work is being done not by electricians but by other trades, according to the Central Electrical Training Center. That however is starting to change as more training centers are starting to offer classes with hands on experience for green electricians.

The demand for electrical power is going to keep increasing, So the future for Electrician Training looks good.

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