How To Get A Job As An Electrician

After all of this Electrician Training discussion, if it were me I would still be trying to figure out “how to get a job as an electrician”, but then I can sometimes be a little slow.

If you have already finished your journeyman electrician training, and have your journeyman cert then you definitely have an advantage, and all you need is to find that job. But what if you are just starting out and have not started your training yet, then getting that first job is really important. If you have decided that an apprenticeship is where you want to start, then like everyone says just go down to your nearest IBEW union hall and find out what you have to do to apply. But wait a minute the IBEW is not the only union that represents electricians; I took my apprenticeship through the UAW. What other large manufactures are around where you live? What unions do they have? Do they have a skilled trades department? Some of the contracts negotiated by these unions require so many apprentices be hired and given electrician training, either from inside the plant or hired from outside.

Next I think I would try the independent shops around the area, in either construction or maintenance. When you go in try to talk to the owner or the main boss, even if they are not hiring now try to strike up a conversation, let him know your just starting out trying to get into the field, and ask for there advise. Maybe they can point you in the right direction, or tell you what you need to do, because the requirements in every area are different.

Another area that you could look into is taking an Electrician Training course on your own. Most states require a set number of hours of hands on experience, usually around 8000 hrs., and this is met in the apprenticeship program by working with, and being taught by an experienced electrician, but some states let you substitute class and lab work for experience. Check with your licensing board in your state.

I feel that a career as an electrician would be a good chose as there is a need for more electricians all the time, as more things become dependent upon electricity, and more of the baby boomer electricians reach retirement age, this will become a real growth area. And it is also an area where a high school graduate, or someone with a GED, can make almost as much as a college graduate.

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