What Is A 3 Phase Power Converter

output of three phase converter

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The electricity in an AC current is not uniformly positive or negative. Instead, the electricity is constantly in flux, changing polarity from positive to negative. If we graphed this polarity change with negative below the zero point on the graph and the positive above the zero, then as you chart the path of the electrons as they move toward the positive and then back to the negative, you would see that they cross the zero line of the graph again and again. When they pass the zero, they have no charge, so they are not c

reating any electricity. Thus every time the electrons pass zero, there is no voltage present. This zero crossing creates the need for 3 phase electricity and, by extension, the need for a 3 phase converter.



Have you ever sung a round? When you sing a round, you usually divide your group of singers into thirds. One group of singers starts. The second group waits until the first group reaches an agreed upon point in the song and then starts singing. A third group waits until the second group reaches the agreed upon point and then starts in. Thus, one group is always at the beginning of the song, one at the middle, and one at the end. This is how 3 phase power works. You have 3 power supplies and each power supply is offset. If the positive end of the wave is the beginning, the zero crossing is the middle, and the negative end of the wave is the end. By offsetting the power supplies you are able to compensate for zero crossing. When one supply crosses zero, one of the other supplies is always at the highest point of its arc. Thus, at any given point in time, you have constant high voltage. The power coming into a home is single phase. Single phase electricity works just fine for small electric motors, but let’s say someone wants to operate a large lathe in their garage or shop in order to turn spindles for custom furniture. A large lathe will require 3 phase electricity, especially when it is working really hard. In order to get the 3 phase electrical supply the lathe needs, a person needs a 3 phase converter.

Basically, the 3 phase power converter takes the single phase electricity coming into the converter and uses it to create 3 phase electricity. One benefit of running a motor on 3 phase electricity is that 3 phase is more efficient than one phase, so by operating his lathe on 3 phase electricity, our furniture builder gets more power and better efficiency than a comparable motor running on single phase electricity. Any large electric motor will require 3 phase electricity, and since power companies do not provide 3 phase current anywhere besides an area that is designated as an industrial area, it is often necessary to use a 3 phase converter to get the 3 phase current required to run a large electric motor. An electric company can actually rig a home or some other building to receive 3 phase current, but it is expensive. For all intents and purposes, it is just easier and more economical to buy a 3 phase current and use it to create 3 phase current wherever it is not readily available. It is probably easiest to find a 3 phase converter on the internet since they are not exactly in high demand at home improvement stores. Rather than make the wild goose chase to the home improvement store, anyone can save themselves time and effort by simply ordering a 3 phase converter online. You will find the best supply and the best selection online, so be kind to yourself and use the internet to satisfy your 3 phase converter needs.


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